forest bathing in spas training programme

Forest Bathing (also known as Shinrin-Yoku) is a top Wellness Trend with Spas internationally offering it as a treatment for clients. We provide a 3 day training programme for Spas in order to train their staff in Forest Bathing. We also offer, as part of this training, consultation  on Forest Bathing trail design for natural spaces surrounding spas/hotels. For information on pricing and availability, please contact or 0879320914.



green prescription initiative

We run a Green Prescription Initiative, where we are offering an ecotherapy intervention for people (aged 18+) who are experiencing stress or mental health difficulties to promote health and wellbeing. The intervention is delivered in a group format. It is a rolling group, run for two hours per session, and takes place in two outdoor locations in South Dublin and Wicklow. Intervention components include: nature contact; mindfulness; physical activity; expressive arts; and social connection. We accept self-referrals, referrals from GPs, and other health professionals. For further details, please email


Forest Therapy (Also known as Shinrin-Yoku)

We run Forest Therapy or Shinrin-Yoku walks in parks, gardens and forests; nationally and internationally. These are gentle guided walks that enhance wellbeing through sensory connection in nature. There is a strong evidence base supporting these walks. Forest Therapy or Shinrin-Yoku walks have been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood, boost the immune system and improve sleep.




Ecotherapy Walks

We facilitate ecotherapy walks with expressive arts. These are gentle guided walks for groups using the expressive arts such as nature poetry, gently movement in nature, mindfulness activities, art and imagery in nature. These walks have been facilitated in Glendalough, the Botanic Gardens and Powerscourt Gardens in the past.


Workshops and interventions

We offer ecotherapy workshops and ecotheraputic interventions for a variety of groups.


Workplace Wellbeing

We offer workplace wellbeing sessions in Dublin and Wicklow. Please contact Shirley at for further details on how we can support your staff

Corporate Events

We offer Corporate Events throughout Ireland. Contact us for further details.